Share the Ride with a Carpool

Instantly cut 50% or more of your commute costs by carpooling!  No carpool partner?  No worries! Delaware Commute Solutions can help you find a carpool partner with a similar work schedule, near your home and worksite. There are also DART Park & Ride lots available with free carpool parking.  A carpool commute can:

  • Save you money – up to thousands of dollars a year!
  • Take a car off the road and help air quality
  • Reduce stress – you might even make a friend
  • Stay flexible – pick the schedule and days that work for you…even one or two days a week really helps!
  • Get you special preferred parking at some worksites (check with your employer)

Delaware Commute Solutions registered commuters are eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home. If an unexpected event (like unscheduled overtime or an illness) happens on a day that you share the ride to work and keeps you from taking your normal ride home, you will be reimbursed for the alternate transportation you take home, up to five times a year.

Register now, record your trip and redeem your points for rewards.

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