Telework / Flexwork

Teleworking / Flexworking

Teleworking and Flexworking have significant benefits for both employers and employees.  Delaware Commute Solutions’ Outreach Coordinators can help review and implement a telework or flexwork program that works best for your organization – at no cost to your company!


Teleworking is one of the best ways to attract and retain employees as the opportunity to work remotely can be a determining factor for candidates.  Not only do employers report an increase in productivity, but employees save time, money, and stress from commuting to work!  Teleworking also reduces the number of drive-alone commutes and improves our air quality.

Allowing employees to work from home one or two days a week can enhance employee satisfaction.  Studies show that those who telework are up to 10-20% more productive than their coworkers in the office.  Employees are also more likely to fulfill their workday time commitments and take fewer sick days.  


Flexwork allows employees to alter their arrival and departure times to be earlier or later than the organization’s normal hours of operation.  It gives employees the ability to arrange a commute to accommodate their transit, carpool, or vanpool schedules.  Permitting your employees to start their shift earlier or later lets them avoid rush hour and can increase the window of service hours for your customers.  It can also be helpful to employees with children so that they can coordinate before and after school care.

For example: employees may be allowed to arrive to work anytime between 7am and 9am and leave between 3pm and 5pm

Compressed Work Week

Compressed work weeks allow employees to decrease the number of days they work, while increasing the length of the work day.  Compressed work weeks help reduce the number of single occupant vehicles arriving to the worksite during the week.  The most common condensed work week combinations are:

  • 4/40: 4 days/10 hours per day
  • 3/36: 3 days/12 hours per day
  • 9/80: 9 days/ 80 hours in a two-week period

Benefits to Telework & Flework

  • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduced costs for parking and office space
  • Stronger recruitment and retention; reduced turnover
  • Happier and less stressed employees
  • Eco-friendly!

Getting Started

Your Delaware Commute Solutions Outreach Coordinator can help review and develop a telework or flexwork program that works best for your organization – at no cost! 

  • We work with employers to identify and implement flexible work arrangements such as telework, flexwork, and compressed work weeks
  • We review your current employment benefits program, personnel policies, and job descriptions to determine employee eligibility
  • We work with management to determine if departmental programs or informal agreements make sense
  • We provide the guidance and tools necessary to create a policy or program and direct you to third party resources if needed

Let us help you structure a program that works best for your corporate culture and specific business needs.

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