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What is a Delaware Commute Solutions Partner?

Delaware Commute Solutions works with more than 340 organizations, and partners with 80 (and counting!) companies and colleges to provide commute options to help employees and students find better, greener, more economical ways to get to work and school.  Becoming a partner is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and to making Delaware a better place to live and work.

Benefits for Partners

Get Turnkey Commute Solutions for Your Workplace.  Delaware Commute Solutions offers employers free support and solutions.  Let us design a commuter options program for your worksite.  We’ll do all the heavy lifting!  Not only will it benefit your team members, your company will reap rewards like:

  • Improved employee morale – more affordable transportation is a big benefit
  • Improved retention and reduced turnover expenses
  • Payroll tax savings
  • More on-time attendance
  • Enhanced productivity – employees arrive to work with less stress
  • Recognition as a community leader
  • Expanded recruitment and preference by employees in the job market
  • More available parking
  • Added employee benefit, at no cost to you
  • Contribution to your sustainability efforts
  • Access to transportation promotions, traffic and transportation news, workshops, and other events
  • Networking with other worksite representatives responsible for employee transportation

Become a Partner

Partnership is free and easy to implement.  Here’s a roadmap to becoming a Delaware Commute Solutions partner:

  • Join – it’s free to register
  • Designate a point person to work with Delaware Commute Solutions (an Employer Transportation Coordinator, or ETC)
  • The ETC assists by:
    • Scheduling events hosted by Delaware Commute Solutions (such as orientation, health fairs, and other outreach events)
    • Providing new hires with information on their Delaware Commute Solutions options
    • Assisting new members with registering and reporting
    • Promoting Delaware Commute Solutions (company intranet, postings in employee areas, etc.)

Other Ways Partners Can Help:

  • Provide a pre-tax transit or vanpool benefit to employees, saving them up to $300 a year (and saving payroll taxes for you!)
  • Offer a subsidy for bus passes or vanpooling
  • Provide preferred parking for carpoolers and vanpoolers – this is an easy and inexpensive way to let employees know that their efforts are valued (we provide for hang tags distribution to your employees)
  • Supplement Delaware Commute Solutions rewards with additional rewards for members at your worksite

Join our growing list of partners and become a champion for green commuting!


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