Get a Job/Get a Ride (GaJ/GaR)

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Get A Job/Get A Ride provides new employees a free 30-Day Bus Pass that allows for to and from work transportation during the first month of their new job. The program is open to all businesses within Delaware that are designated as a GaJ/GaR partner of Delaware Commute Solutions. GaJ/GaR is open to new employees whose employer is a GaJ/GaR Employer Partner.

How Does an Employer become a Get a Job/Get a Ride (GaJ/GaR) Partner?

The program is open to all businesses within Delaware that are designated as a GaJ/GaR partner of Delaware Commute Solutions and who complete the following steps:

  • Assign an internal contact to be the program liaison with Delaware Commute Solutions
  • Electronically submit the GaJ/GaR Partner Form to 
  • Receive GaJ/GaR Partner confirmation, Partner number, and complete program training

Who is Eligible for the Program? 

The program is open to all new employees who meet the following criteria: 

  • Work at least 20 hours per week
  • One-time eligibility (non-transferable) 

How will an Employee receive a GaJ/GaR 30-Day DART Pass?

Employee will receive their free 30-Day DART Pass within five business days of receiving required documentation. 

Electronic method (preferred):

  • Download the DART Pass App
  • The 30-Day DART Pass will be uploaded to their account (pass is valid upon activation)
  • If it is a Paratransit Pass upload, there will be 30 days worth of passes uploaded (2 per day/60 trips)
  • DART Pass account information (name, phone, email) must be identical to the form information


Manual Method

  • If the new employee does not have the ability to download the DART Pass app, the 30-day pass (card) will be mailed directly to the employer to distribute.
  • If it is a Paratransit pass request, there will be 30 days of tickets mailed to the employer (2 tickets per day/60 trips)

If an employee leaves the company or is dismissed prior to the 30-days.  The pass will still be active and will still count as their 1 Get a Job/Get a Ride (GaJ/GaR) pass.

Download the DART Pass App. Available on iOS and Android

How does an Employer Enroll New Employees into the GaJ/GaR program?

Once the employee’s new hire paperwork is complete, employer can submit the GaJ/GaR employee enrollment form by email to

If an employee leaves the company or is dismissed prior to their first 30 days, the pass will still count towards their one time GaJ/GaR pass.

Partner Form

Review the Information Sheet that details how the program works. An employer must be a GaJ/GaR Employer Partner in order for an employee to be eligible for the program. Each new employee that meets the criteria for the program is eligible to receive a free 30-day DART Pass.

To enroll your organization in the GaJ/GaR program, complete the Employer Partner Form either by the automated form electronically submitted ( or email completed form to After your organization is confirmed as an employer partner and your partner number is received (within 5 business days of submittal), your organization can begin to enroll eligible new employees for the GaJ/GaR free 30-day Pass program. Employee enrollment is through a separate form.

Main contact for GaJ/GaR inquires and communication.

GaJ/GaR 30-Day DART Pass Enrollment Form

This section is ONLY eligible to GaJ/GaR Partners with a designated Partner Number.  Filling the form without the correct designated Partner Number will make the form invalid.

Dart Pass Information:
DART Pass App must be downloaded.

The Participant’s DART Pass App account MUST match the Name, Email, and Phone Number that will be used in the form.

DART First State provides paratransit services for disabled persons unable to use public bus routes.
MUST match DART Pass Account
MUST match DART Pass account
Will receive the confirmation letter.

When submitting this employee for the GaJ/GaR program, I verify that the above employee meets the program’s criteria.

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