Employer Benefits

  • Expanded recruitment pool: Transportation benefits can expand the recruiting pool helping employers to maintain a full workforce.
  • Improved employee retention and reduced employee turnover expenses: By providing tools to support reliable employee transportation, employers gain by reduced recruiting and new-hire training expenses.
  • Benefits carry a lot of weight: Transportation is a leading household cost. By making it more affordable, you have the edge over others competing for new recruits.
  • Enhanced productivity and work environment: Employees arrive to work stress-free and will be more productive on the job.
  • Reduced demand for employee parking: Supporting non-drive alone modes saves money on having to provide more parking.
  • Tax savings: When employers offer pre-tax accounts to pay for employee transportation costs, the tax burden for both the employer and employee is reduced.
  • Recognition as a community leader: The impact of a successful commuter program can be far reaching. Let your company be a leader in creating programs that benefit your bottom line and our environment as well.

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