How can you help shape the future of mobility in Delaware?

Mobility in Motion

Why should Delawareans care about mobility?

Personal mobility is often taken for granted, but is essential to one’s quality of life. Reliable transportation is needed to connect Delawareans to jobs, education, healthcare, social and community services, and other life-sustaining services. Yet, many Delaware residents are unable to provide their own transportation or have difficulty accessing public transportation. Transportation-disadvantaged individuals may face barriers to reliable transportation due to disability, income, age, inability to drive, lack of car ownership, veteran’s status, or a combination of reasons.

What is Mobility in Motion?

The state of Delaware recognizes the importance of personal mobility. The Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), operating as DART First State Transit, has launched Mobility in Motion. This initiative invites Delawareans to envision and provide critical input on the future of mobility in Delaware.

How will information be used?

Information gathered will be used to update the Coordinated Public Transit—Human Services Transportation Plan, or “Coordinated Plan,” for the State of Delaware. Developed through a participatory planning process, the Coordinated Plan will serve as a strategic framework for addressing the state’s existing and future mobility needs.

Share your First- and Last-Mile Experience Accessing a DART First State Transit Stop

Whether it’s a bus trip to/from work, shopping, or home, public transportation rarely stops directly in front of a passenger’s origin or destination. The Delaware Transit Corporation, which operates DART First State, wants to know about transit riders’ experiences getting to or from a bus stop in Delaware. This is often described as the first- and last-mile transit experience.

Please use one of three online, map-based tools to share a first- and last-mile accessibility experience walking, biking, or rolling to or from a DART First State bus stop location in Delaware.


  • Hit the “welcome” button and open “points”
  • Select an accessibility icon and place it on the map
  • Answer brief questions
  • Click on your “point” to provide comments and photo (optional) of your accessibility experience



  • Select one of the eight icons that represent categories of accessibility
  • Provide a comment on your accessibility experience
  • Upload a photo (optional)
  • Select the location of your bus stop


GIS Crowdsource Story Map

  • Snap and upload a photo (required)
  • Provide a title (related to accessibility categories)
  • Locate your bus stop
  • Describe your accessibility experience

These online, map-based tools are not designed to report a roadway condition or infrastructure issue that should be addressed immediately (such as a crosswalk
signal malfunction). For those issues, please directly contact the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Transportation Management Center
(operating 24/7/365) at 302-659-4600, #77 on your phone, or through email at

Needs Assessment Survey

Thank you to the 765 individuals who took the 2018 Needs Assessment Survey! We value the input you provided about your transportation experiences and needs in Delaware. Results are being analyzed and will be made available on this webpage soon.

 Congratulations to Joe A. Moore who entered into the drawing and was selected win a $25 gift card for completing the survey!

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2020 Coordinated Plan & Appendix

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