DART Connect Newark News Release

Newark, DE – Today, Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) and the City of Newark announced DART Connect – Newark, an on-demand microtransit service providing residents with a new transportation option. Customers can use the DART Connect app or dial 1-800-652-DART, option 3 to request a ride, on-the-spot, anywhere within the service area of Newark. On-demand microtransit uses smaller vehicles to provide shared rides within approximately 15 minutes of a ride request.

DART Connect – Newark, operating weekdays from 6 AM to 8 PM, will be replacing the city of Newark’s Unicity service, offering increased hours of operation and faster travel time to/from destinations. The cost to ride is the same as the regular bus fare, $2 per ride; $ .80 for reduced fare, and can be paid with cash or DART Pass mobile payment. The new service provides access to underserved areas of Newark and can connect to the regular DART bus service. DART Connect will run concurrently with Unicity until the phase out date of September 29, 2023.

“We continue to look for opportunities to expand public transportation to underserved areas of the state and we hope this program will continue to serve as a model that we can implement in other areas of our state going forward,” said Nicole Majeski, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Transportation.

DART Connect was initially introduced in Sussex County as a pilot program in April 2021, providing service both in and between Georgetown and Millsboro. Originally funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the service has continued based on its success. Since its launch, the service has provided 43,861 rides.

“Since our introduction of DART Connect in the spring of 2021, we have had much success in Georgetown and Millsboro. We are excited to expand this on-demand service to the city of Newark for thousands of residents, workers and visitors lacking access to a vehicle or who rely on bus service to travel to jobs, medical and social services throughout the community”, stated John Sisson, Chief Executive Officer of Delaware Transit Corporation.

“I’m pleased to welcome DART Connect-Newark to the City and grateful for DelDOT and the Planning Department for their work to provide a reliable, affordable microtransit system to our residents,” said Mayor Stu Markham. “DART Connect-Newark will ensure access to education, employment and entertainment opportunities and make mobility accessible for all throughout the entire City.”

To learn more about DART Connect, visit https://dartfirststate.com/Programs/dartconnect/

Please see DART Connect – Newark service area map.

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