“Heart of DART” Day February 14!

Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) launched its new brand “Heart of DART” that will be running in media statewide. The new brand features DART employees explaining how they make a difference in the lives of DART customers. They tell their stories of how Dallas met his wife on the bus as a DART Operator; how Alphonso works behind the scenes to keep the buses running; Harold rides the bus and listens to passenger feedback; Patty strives to keep Delawareans informed about service changes; David works hard to keep the buses in top condition; and Phyllis is honest and helpful with every customer.

John Sisson, CEO of Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), shared these “Heart of DART” stories today with DTC employees during a Town Hall Meeting. He stated, “I am very excited to showcase the spirit and dedication our employees bring to the communities we serve.”

To develop DART’s new brand, group brandstorming meetings with DART employees were held as well as online surveys; an online customer survey was initiated statewide; and one-on-one interviews with DART stakeholders and partners were held throughout the state. After this research, key takeaways were identified for the brand including an internal and external messaging campaign.

Julie Theyerl, DTC’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, shared “DART has a lot of passionate, helpful and caring people working here. We want to empower our employees to serve our internal and external customers at the highest level and to work as a cohesive team. At DART, we know that the reputation of DART rides with everyone.”

Everyone has their heartfelt moments in their lives that remain a memorable experience. It is these moments that DART is trying to capture and share with others through its brand. One thing that we can all use every day is a little more “heart.” For more information, visit DartFirstState.com and click on the “Heart of DART” link.

The Delaware Transit Corporation, a subsidiary of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), operates DART First State. www.DartFirstState.com Real-Time Bus Information and DART Pass, the new mobile fare payment option, are both available on the free DelDOT App (iOS and Android)

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