Kudos for RideShare Delaware’s Aliya Norton


This article originally appeared in DelDot’s  weekly Newsletter TEAM Spirit and was written by members of their Community Relations Department. We thank them for their kind words about our team!

Aliya Norton joined the RideShare Delaware project with a background in the Social Service industry. She recognizes that this project is an important part of encouraging one-on-one social interaction, promoting cultural diversity, and supporting a greener environment, thereby contributing to the overall quality of life for future generations. She has embedded her philosophy in work through her extraordinary customer service interactions with people, especially with Mr. Michael Sells, who complimented her on her pleasant professional speaking voice and attitude. She was so willing to help that Mr. Sells wanted to “pinch himself to make sure that the conversation was real.” He shared that the level of customer service he received from Ms. Norton is far and few between and is “what is seriously lacking in the workplace today.” So, kudos to Aliya for going above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Sells is 150 percent satisfied

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