Meet our August Contest Winners!

August’s Winners

This month we held our annual sizzling summer commute contest to up the ante and reward you for clean commuting. One lucky winner was given $50 in gift cards for clean commuting over five times during the month. Our Sizzlin Summer Commute Contest winner was…..

Tanya! Tanya rides the DART bus to work to everyday to her job at the Family Court Building in downtown Wilmington. Although it’s a short journey Tanya managed to take over 100  VMTs off the road by riding the bus to work. Tanya proves that even a short commute can add up and take vehicle miles off the road.


We also rewarded two individuals as our Ride. Record. Reward! Winners with $25 giftcards

Elaine works at the Delaware Department of Economic Development. She vanpools from Southwestern Delaware to Dover each day for work. Because of her long distance commute Vanpooling is a cost efficient and effective way to get to work and back. During the course of one month Elaine help take 400 miles off the road, way to go Elaine!


Not seen here but still one of our winners is Claire. Claire lives and works in the Newark area and takes advantage her short commute by biking to and from work nearly every day.  Even with a short bike ride to work Clair took over 25 miles of VMTs off the road.

Congratulations to all of our participants. Didn’t see your face above? Don’t worry, keep logging those miles and you could be one of our winners for September!

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