Report Released that Identifies Public Transportation Improvements for Wilmington

Wilmington — The Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) announced today that the Wilmington Transit Moving Forward Report is now available for public review. The Wilmington Transit Moving Forward project is taking a fresh look at the transit operations in and around Downtown Wilmington. The report identifies a vision and priorities for implementation of recommendations for DART public transportation in Downtown Wilmington. In order to provide the public with an opportunity to review the report and give feedback, an Open House Public Meeting is being held on Tuesday, September 23 at the Wilmington Library, across from Rodney Square, in Downtown Wilmington. Attendees are welcome to stop by anytime between 4 and 7pm.

Dave Gula, WILMAPCO Principal Planner and Wilmington Transit Moving Forward Project Manager said, “The Wilmington Transit Moving Forward Report is the result of a nine-month effort to identify a collective vision for the future of transit in the Wilmington area. We hope it leads to the enhancement of the quality of life for residents and an approach that treats land use and transit as a partnership.”

The report was developed through an Advisory Group representing a broad spectrum of community groups, businesses, public agencies, transit riders, and other stakeholders. The report is defined by a series of “Principles” and “Opportunities,” many of which are recommended for short-term implementation (defined as 2015 and 2016 by the report), including: providing audible announcements at bus stops and on buses, providing real-time bus arrival information at stops, eliminating barriers impeding pedestrian access to transit locations, and shortening some downtown routes.

John Sisson, Chief Executive Officer of Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) said, “This report provides a meaningful first step and will lead to positive changes in DART’s transit services. We look forward to gathering public feedback on service change concepts based on some of the recommendations from this group’s Origin-Destination Study. We’re working to reduce congestion and improve service efficiencies, while also meeting the needs of our customers.”

During the Public Meeting, DTC will present service change concepts for DART’s January Service Change. Members of the public will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on possible changes to individual bus routes, in advance of the service proposals being introduced at DART’s Public Hearings in October. The DART Service Change Proposals will be linked to the Principles and Opportunities from the Wilmington Transit Moving Forward Report.

To view the report, visit If you’d like to schedule an interview, please call Dave Gula at (302) 737-6205 ext. 122, or email

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