Tips for Cycling in Inclement Weather

Top Tips For Staying visible and Cycling In Inclement Weather

You don’t have to give up your regular ride just because the weather gets a little rough. If you take some precautions and use some common sense you can still enjoy a good ride for exercise and to clear your head no matter what the weather is doing. During the fall and winter the weather can be cold and wet, and even in the spring those spring showers can make riding a little more difficult than usual. However, if you pay attention to these tips from health and safety experts you can ride your bike safely even in bad weather:

Add Extra Reflectors When The Weather Is Rainy

On rainy days when it’s cloudy and dark outside your bike can be even harder for drivers to see when you’re cycling. Adding some extra reflectors to your bike in strategic spots will increase your visibility and lower the chances that you’ll be involved in an accident. Adding extra reflectors is an inexpensive and easy way to make sure that you are as visible as possible to others when you’re riding on a dark and rainy day.

Own the Road

Bike Lanes are not always available and if this is the case, do not be afraid to take up some of the road. If you try to remain in the shoulder you run the risk of dealing with cars opening their doors, debris and the curb. You might also find yourself stuck in between a passing car and one of those obstacles. If you take up some of the road, the car will have to wait and pass when there is plenty of room to do so. In addition, most accidents happen because the driver “didn’t see” the biker. Unfortunately it is important to do everything possible to increase visibility.

Stay Hydrated In The Heat

Extreme heat is becoming the new normal all around the country and people who love to bike and exercise outdoors need to pay attention to that. Heat related illness can be deadly. To stay healthy when riding your bike in the rain you need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Invest in a high quality BPA free water bottle and always have a full bottle with you when you set off on a ride. If necessary, stop and refill it along the way. You should be drinking some water at least once every hour even if you don’t think that you’re thirsty.

Avoid Riding On Brick

Riding through the historic sections of a city or the picturesque brick paved streets in a small town can be a great way to get to know the city and enjoy some historical sites when you’re riding. However, if you’re riding in wet weather you should avoid those rustic brick paved streets because brick can be very slippery when wet and can cause you to have an accident. Even if you have good tires with a deep tread that are able to get good traction in wet weather riding on brick in the rain or snow can be dangerous. Avoid brick streets during wet weather and make those streets parts of your ride only when it’s dry.

Acclimate Indoors

It’s always a shock on your body when you go from a warm environment to a cold one, so it’s smart to acclimate to exercise indoors before you go outside to exercise. Stretching and doing some warm up exercises inside before you go outside and start your ride is recommended by fitness experts so that your body doesn’t struggle to adjust to the outdoor temperature when you go outside. Warming up inside will ensure that you are stretched, warmed up, and ready to exercise when you leave the house.

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