RideShare Delaware Offers New Event to Encourage Clean Commuting

When’s the last time you tried a clean commute to work? Was it today? Was it a month ago? A year ago?!

RideShare Delaware is now offering a new event, designed to promote clean commuting through our Try it Day program. For a Try it Day we’ll specifically work with your worksite  and launch a campaign to encourage you and your coworkers to try clean commuting to work for one day.

How It Works

Your Outreach Coordinator will schedule a day with your employer to come on-site for people to “pledge” to try a clean commute for one day. A clean commute can include any of the following; walking, biking, transit, or carpooling. Following the pledge day, your outreach coordinator will go onsite, at a time and day that works best for you and your co-workers, and reward your worksite’s pledges and clean commuters as our thank you for clean commuting.

Why have a Try it Day?

By hosting a Try it Day at your worksite you will begin to promote a culture of sustainability amongst your coworkers. This culture will then translate into happier employees who are saving money on their travel costs while enjoying a less stressful commute. Happier employees results in less turnover, which in turn helps your employer save money!  Also who knows, after trying a clean commute you may find you like it too.

Beginning in the Fall of 2016 RideShare Delaware selected several worksites to finalize our Try it Day process. Following these initial trail runs it is our promise that every aspect of a Try-it-Day will simply help promote clean and green transportation at your work.

If you wish to have a Try-it-Day at your worksite please reach out to your Worksite’s RideShare Delaware Outreach Coordinator. If you are not sure who your Outreach Coordinator is, feel free to call us at 1.888.RideMatch or email at general@delawarecommutesolutions.org to get the process started.

Thank you and Happy Clean Commuting!



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